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Ashampoo Burning Studio Crack V24.0.3.27

Ashampoo Burning Studio Crack

Ashampoo Burning Studio Crack

Have you ever wanted to make your own DVDs, CDs, or even backup your important files? Well, Ashampoo Burning Studio Crack is here to help! It’s a great computer program that lets you do all those things and more! Like If you want to save your music CDs on your computer, this program can do it for you easily. It automatically recognizes the songs and adds the album artwork and song information to your files.

Furthermore, If you want to make your discs look amazing, this program can help you design the covers and inlays. It even analyzes your disc and downloads the right information from the internet, like the tracklist. This program is super easy to use and it makes your projects look professional. You can create video DVDs with cool menus, make music CDs with special covers, and even protect your files with a password.

And guess what? You can do it all with just a few clicks of your mouse. For a broader perspective, click here to access our Games & Entertainment and explore additional resources.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Patch


  • Audiobook Fun: It has a special feature for audiobooks and audioplays. They made it even better, so now you won’t have any interruptions in the middle of a sentence when listening to your favorite stories.
  • Windows 11 Compatible: This program works on the newest version of Windows, called Windows 11. But don’t worry if you have an older version like Windows 7, 8, or 10, it works on those too!
  • Rip Music in a Flash: Do you have CDs with your favorite music on them? Now you can easily turn them into digital files on your computer. It can do it for you fast and without any hassle.
  • Save Space with H.265: Ashampoo Burning Studio Crack uses a special video codec called H.265, which makes your videos look great while taking up less space on your computer. So you can save more movies and videos without using too much memory.
  • Customizable Shortcuts: You can make the program even faster by creating your own shortcuts on your computer’s desktop. This way, you can open this software with just one click!
  • Make Movies and Slideshows: Do you love making movies and slideshows? Well, this program has you covered. You can cut and edit your videos, add music and subtitles, and make your projects look super cool.
  • Safe and Easy Backups: Instead of relying on cloud storage, you can back up your important files on CDs, DVDs, or even Blu-ray discs. The program makes it easy for you, and it can even remind you when it’s time to make a new backup.

More Features:

  • Car Radio Ready: If you want to listen to your favorite music in the car, this program can help. It has special presets and profiles for different types of car radios, so your discs will work perfectly in your car.
  • Rip CDs with Ease: Want to turn your music CDs into digital files? This program can do it for you in just a few minutes. It can even recognize the artist and genre of the songs automatically, so you don’t have to type anything yourself.
  • Fast and Easy Movie Projects: When you’re in a hurry to make a movie, this program is your best friend. It helps you combine photos and videos with music quickly, without any complicated menus or extra work.
  • Compatible Formats: If you want to watch your movies on different devices, this program has you covered. It can convert your videos into formats that work on DVD players, computers, and more. No more worrying about compatibility issues!
  • Scratch Protection: This program has a special technology that protects your data even if your discs get scratched. It makes multiple copies of your files and includes a tool to recover them if anything goes wrong.
  • Image Magic: This can work with special image formats, like ISO and CUE/BIN. You can create, copy, and burn these images easily, and even preview them before you do anything.
  • Always Up to Date: The creators of this software always make sure their program works with the latest technology. They update and improve the program regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Portable

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Program works on Windows 7 or a newer version of Windows.
  • Processor: Computer should have a processor that has at least 2GHz of speed. But if you have a computer with an ARM processor, it won’t work.
  • Memory: Should have at least 2 GB of memory (RAM) on your computer.
  • Software: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your computer for this program to work.
  • Hard Drive Space: You need to have at least 250 MB of free space on your computer for installing the program. If you want to work with DVDs, you’ll need up to 9 GB of temporary space. And for Blu-ray discs, you’ll need 25 to 50 GB of temporary space. If you have a Blu-ray XL, you’ll need 100 GB of temporary space.
  • Graphics Card: Computer should have a DirectX 9 Hardware Pixelshader with at least 128 MB of RAM for the program to work properly.
  • Sound Card: Standard sound card will work with this program, whether it’s already built into your computer or if you use a USB sound card.
  • Internet Connection: You’ll need an internet connection to activate the program. The program license will be checked regularly to make sure it’s still valid.

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In conclusion, This is an amazing program that allows you to create DVDs, CDs, and backup your important files with ease. It has a lot of awesome features like audiobook support, compatibility with Windows 11, fast music ripping, and more. You can also make movies, design disc artwork, and create backups for your files. The program works on Windows 7 and newer versions, and it requires a minimum of 2GB of memory.

So why wait? Give this software a try and have fun being creative! Looking for additional resources? Our post on Zemana AntiMalware is a great place to start: Zemana AntiMalware Crack.

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