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ShieldApps PC Cleaning Utility V3.8.1

PC Cleaning Utility Crack

PC Cleaning Utility Crack

PC Cleaning Utility Crack is a special tool that helps you clean your computer. Sometimes, computers can get filled up with lots of files, which can slow them down and make them not work as well. But don’t worry, PC Cleaning Utility is here to help! It cleans up all the files that are making your computer slow, so it can work faster and better. It’s like giving your computer a nice, big cleaning! In a previous article, we discussed PassMark PerformanceTest, and you might find it interesting: PassMark PerformanceTest Crack.

PC Cleaning Utility takes a proactive approach to computer performance. It scans through all the files on your computer, identifies those that are slowing it down, and organizes them for quicker access. This means your computer can find files faster and operate more efficiently. Over time, your computer’s hard drive can become cluttered with files, leading to a shortage of space for important data. PC Cleaning Utility comes to the rescue by helping you free up space, ensuring you have room for essential files and applications.

Computer crashes and freezes can be frustrating and disruptive. PC Cleaning Utility works to reduce the chances of these issues by fixing file-related problems, enhancing system stability, and ensuring a smoother computing experience. The registry is like a central database holding critical information for your computer. This software defragments the registry, making it work more efficiently and helping your computer operate faster.

PC Cleaning Utility Patch


  • Clean and Organize Files: This Software goes through all the files on your computer and cleans up the ones that are making it slow. It also rearranges the files, so your computer can find them faster and work more efficiently.
  • Free Up Space: When your computer gets filled up with lots of files, it can run out of space. This Software helps you free up space on your computer’s hard drive, so you can have more room for important things.
  • Prevent Crashes: Sometimes, computers can crash or freeze because of problems with the files. This Software reduces the chances of your computer crashing or freezing by fixing those problems.
  • Registry Defragmentation: It also takes care of the registry, which is like a big database that holds important information for your computer. It defragments the registry to make it work better and faster.
  • Fix Registry Problems: If there are any problems with the files in the registry, The Software will detect them and fix them for you. This helps your computer run smoothly.
  • Startup Manager: This feature makes it easy for you to choose which programs start when you turn on your computer. You can easily decide which ones you want to start and which ones you don’t.
  • Customizable Scans: With this software, you can choose which parts of your computer to scan and clean. You can clean things like virtual devices, libraries, junk files, temporary files, and more.
  • Auto Scan: If you want, you can set a specific date for this to automatically scan and clean your computer. This way, you don’t have to remember to do it yourself.

PC Cleaning Utility Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: This Software works on computers with Windows 7 or any newer version of Windows.
  • Memory: Computer should have at least 2 GB of RAM (but it’s recommended to have 4 GB).
  • Storage: At least 200 MB of free space on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Processor: Computer processor should have a speed of at least 2 GHz or more.

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In conclusion, It is a great tool to help you clean up your computer. This gets rid of all the files that are making your computer slow and helps it work faster and better. It also frees up space on your hard drive and reduces the chances of your computer crashing or freezing. With its many features, like registry defragmentation and startup manager, It makes it easy to keep your computer in tip-top shape.

So give your computer a nice, big cleaning with the software! To access our entire collection of articles, simply go to our homepage: EWORA.

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